ACO Governing Body

  • Paul Bondy, MD, President
  • Douglas Slater, MD, Vice President
  • Matthew Musulin, MD, Treasurer
  • David Browder, MD
  • Martha Chesnutt, MD
  • Nilay Desai, MD
  • Charnette Shade, MD
  • Jeffrey Suchniak, MD
  • Richard Michal, MD
  • Sam Johnson, Medicare Beneficiary

ACO Name and Location

Tar River Health Alliance
3221 Zebulon Rd.
Rocky Mount, NC  27804 

ACO Participants

  • Boice-Willis Clinic, P.A. 
  • Rocky Mount Family Medical Center, P.A.
  • No particpants are involved in a joint venture between ACO professionals and hospitals

Amount of Shared Savings/Losses

  • To be completed after the conclusion of the performance year

Quality Performance Results

  • Click here  to view our quality performance results for 2017.

How Shared Savings Are Distributed 

  • To be completed after the conclusion of the performance year

Key Clinical and Administrative Leadership

  • Medical Director: Martha Chesnutt, MD
  • Compliance Official: Jeffrey Suchniak, MD
  • Quality Assurance/Improvement Officer: Latonya Joyner-Griffin, RN

Shared Savings Program Participation Waiver Public Disclosure

ACO Committees and Key Leadership 

  • Quality Assurance and Improvement Committee, Martha Chesnutt, MD, Chair
  • Compliance Committee, Jeffrey Suchniak, MD, Chair

Types of ACO Participants that Formed the ACO 

  • ACO is comprised of  Boice Willis Clinic, P.A. and Rocky Mount Family Medical Center,  networks of individual practices of ACO professionals

ACO Primary Contact

Latonya Joyner-Griffin, RN


Payment Rule Waivers 

  • No, our ACO does not use the SNF 3-Day Rule Waiver.

Tar River Health Alliance